What is HUBBNET Superfast Broadband?

HUBBNET Superfast Broadband is your alternative to slow and expensive broadband. It uses Next-Generation wireless technology to deliver superfast speeds to rural homes and businesses letting you stream, game and browse without buffering.

Can I get HUBBNET Broadband?

Our network covers most of the Holderness area. Please give us a call on 01964 207 207 or send us a message and we will check coverage of your property.

Villages able to receive Superfast broadband without a landline include: Paull, Hedon, Thorngumbald, Burstwick, Keyingham, Ottringham, Sunk Island, Stone Creek, Patrington Haven, Winestead, Welwick, Weeton, Skeffling, Easington, Kilnsea and Spurn Point.

How long does the installation take?

If we have confirmed superfast coverage of your property and you are happy to go ahead with the installation we will arrange a time suitable for you. We are able to make evening and weekend appointments to work around the times that suit you best. Installation should take no more than 2 hours. However, for unique or challenging properties the time could be a little longer. We will always advise you of timescales at the time of a site survey.

What speeds will I actually get?

At HUBBNET we don’t believe in ‘Up To’ speeds. We believe in minimum guaranteed speeds. Every one of our customers will be able to receive a minimum download speed of 25Mbps. In reality you will receive much more, many of our customers get 100Mbps. We are always upfront and honest with what we offer. We believe ‘Up To’ speeds that many providers quote are misleading and do not reflect the real-world results that most people get.

Can I use my own router?

Of course. All of our packages come with a free dual band wireless router. If you would rather use your own then please let us know at the time of installation. Please note that HUBBNET will not be responsible for any equipment that it has not installed.

Who owns the equipment on my roof?

Any equipment installed by HUBBNET will remain the property of HUBBNET LTD unless explicitly purchased by the customer.

How secure is our network?

Our network uses WPA2 and AES-128 encryption for wireless links and comprehensive physical and firewall security for wired links. All customer information is encrypted at all times. Our network is perfectly safe for online banking, shopping and other sensitive applications.

Can HUBBNET help my village?

Wherever you are located in the world, we would like to help get you online at superfast speeds. Please get in touch with your area and we will see what can be done.

Do I need a phone line?

No. Our network is completely independent. You don’t need a landline for our superfast speeds. Most of our customers cancel their landline and just use a mobile/VoIP for making calls, saving on average £240 per year.

Will my landline be affected?

No, our service has no effect on your landline in any way.

What happens on Installation day?

Our trained and insured engineers will check line of site from your roof to our nearest transmitter. Once we have verified you are able to receive superfast speeds we will attach our small wireless receiver. Usually this can be mounted to your existing TV aerial pole. We then run a cable into the property. This can be in any room you like. We then install our free dual band wireless router. That’s it, you're now up and running with superfast speeds.

Can I use my PS4, Xbox or other gaming console?

Yes, our network is fully compatible with games consoles. Typical latency is less than 20ms, this is fantastic for online gaming.

If you have any further questions then please get in touch Here.