How it Works

We install an antenna

A small antenna is fixed to the exterior of your property, usually on your existing TV pole,  pointing to our nearest transmitter. This will receive the Superfast Broadband signal.

We install a router

All our Superfast connections come with a free dual band wireless router. We install this in your house for you to connect all your phones, smart TV's and laptops to. You are now able to stream, game and surf the internet at superfast speeds.

Wireless vs Copper - How can HUBBNET deliver superfast speeds?

BT own all the phone lines and generally will only upgrade them when they are given public money to do so. The more rural the home the more expensive the upgrade,so you will always be at the back of the line when it comes to superfast connectivity.

With our next-generation wireless network we can completely skip the copper lines. The vast majority of our customers have actually cancelled their landline as it was only used for broadband anyway, saving them more than £240 per year on average. We can deliver over 1000Mbps via a wireless connection with a lead time of days compared to weeks or months for incumbent providers to install their antiquated copper.

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