Industry, WiFi, CCTV and IoT Connectivity

Managed WiFi

Gone are the days of using a single wireless router to provide WiFI. HUBBNET are experts at designing and installing wireless networks to suit your needs. Using the latest hardware providing superfast speeds with simple and effective configuration and remote management we are able to take the hassle of getting users and devices online off your hands. We offer a scalable system from 1 to 1000 access points, covering all frequencies and environmental conditions to keep your users connected.

Outdoor WiFi

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Whether you are looking for better WiFi coverage in your garden, yard, farm or construction site we can custom design a system for you. Using specialist High Gain Wireless devices and using careful planning a single device can cover a large area for a small cost. Get in touch with your requirements and we can perform a site survey to see what you need.

VoIP and Telecoms


Do you already have an underperforming VoIP system? We can help transform your telecoms to the latest Handsets with crystal clear sound quality and fantastic wireless range across your whole premises. Using VoIP instead of traditional Telephone lines can cut your monthly costs and increase your business efficiency with advanced features such as; Call Waiting, Call Diversion, Options Menus, Custom on hold music, something else. For Home or for Business and from 1 user to 1000 users HUBBNET can develop a system that suits you and your needs.

Marine and Wind Turbines

Marine and wind

In a harsh offshore environment, most wireless and computer equipment will fail after only a few months. HUBBNET is able to make sure your equipment will withstand the elements by using carefully selected manufactures who’s products are hardened especially for the job. We can provided connectivity or monitoring and controlling equipment many miles off shore. We can also install and maintain equipment on any marine craft from a small pleasure boat to much larger service vessels.

Machine to Machine (IoT)

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HUBBNET has worked on a number of CHP (Combined Heat and Power) plants and National Grid power stations to provide integration between the engine and turbine controllers and the national infrastructure. Working closely with the client from design stage until handover to provide secure and reliable connectivity. Using embedded controllers that are integrated into the machinery, we are able to set up networks and VPNs to enable the system to be managed remotely from the other side of the planet.

Firewalls and VPN

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A fast and reliable VPN (Virtual Private Network) is essential for any business, allowing employees to work remotely and most importantly securely, from anywhere in the world. HUBBNET can advise and implement secure point-to-point connections and VPN concentrators for multiple clients and any operating system, including mobile devices such as phones, tablets and vehicles.

Schools and Offices

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Having a Superfast and reliable internet connection to your school or office is one thing, but without the infrastructure to connect your PC’s, Laptops and Mobile devices, it will never be right. We can install structured Fibre, CAT5 and CAT6 outlets to provided network drops on every desk or wall. From a single additional network outlet to a full office, shop or showroom build out we can design and install the fixed infrastructure you require.

WiFi for your Village Hall or Church

Free WiFi

Do you look after a Village Hall, Church or other Community Center? HUBBNET provide you with connectivity and a safe and secure means to let guests and users connect. If you would like to let the public connect to the internet but don’t want to worry about the security and legal implications involved then get in touch and let us do the worrying for you.

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