Next Generation Superfast Wireless Broadband

Broadband in Ferry View, Fieldside Close and Nursery View (HU12 9GB, HU12 9GE and HU12 9GD)

As you know, BT Openreach has no immediate plans to upgrade the old copper phone lines on your road to support superfast speeds, meaning you’re going to be stuck with an outdated and inadequate 8Mbps for some years to come. However, there is a 21st century option. HUBBNET has installed equipment enabling Superfast speeds straight to your home.

Superfast Broadband
£27.50 per month
75Mbps Download
350GB Usage 
£99 Install
Free Wireless Router
No Contract
No Line Rental
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Why can we not get broadband like everyone else?

The landline infrastructure on your estate has never been upgraded to superfast speeds. As you well know the maximum speeds available to you are currently 4-8Mbps. This is extremely poor.  There are currently no plans to upgrade any of the lines on your street, you could be waiting years for fibre.

Our network lets you get connected now! The ultrafast transmitter is already in operation a few hundred metres from your home, and we can connect you to our network right now. This is how we can guarantee superfast speeds and get you connected now, not years in the future like other providers.

How it Works

We install an antenna on your roof

A small antenna is fixed to the exterior of your property, usually on your existing TV pole,  pointing to our nearest transmitter. This will receive the Superfast Broadband signal.

Free wireless router for your Home

All our Superfast connections come with a free dual band wireless router. We install this in your house for you to connect all your phones, smart TV's and laptops to. You are now able to stream, game and surf the internet at superfast speeds.

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